Mike Gendron doesn't like me. (Glory be to God!!!)

Check this out from One of Mike Gendron's recent e-newsletters.

He calls it the latest attacks on his propaganda, but I'd have to call it my latest counter to his a-C attacks on our most holy faith. Appreciate the plug there Mike!
The Fruit of Rome Displayed on the Internet

In the 20 years of serving in the ministry of Proclaiming the Gospel, God has protected us from many of the fierry darts of the enemy. The attacks are usually in the form of malicious slander, defamatory words or false accusations. There have also been threats to destroy the ministry and several attempts to demolish our web site. Two of the attempts were traced back to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and the Vatican. You can see the latest attacks here. 
That's funny, but he's not alleging that I have attacked his site. I wouldn't do that even if I knew how. It's illegal and immoral. I would have to say that just because someone from Santa Fe tried to hack his site (assuming that's what happened) that by no means proves it was orchestrated, or sanctioned by the Church...and the Vatican? C'mon man, your paranoia is showing Mike. Your site manager should know about proxies and other such stuff. But as the saying goes..."People believe what they want to believe.

I ever do is refute his propaganda and post it here (on CAF) and on my blog. The first article that he linked makes no misstatements since he went to Rome and then disingenuously told people that they wouldn't let him in to see the Pope, when virtually every one who ever even thinks about it knows that that's not how it works and that those visitors make their requests a very long time in advance. The man claims to have once been a Catholic and didn't know that? C'mon...that's stretching waaay too far for anyone with a brain to believe.

Posted by A Catholic friend
CM - Your a Jesuit infiltrator aren't you.
My joking response was this graphic.
Originally Posted by Another Catholic Friend
Wasn't he complaining about people libeling him just recently? The way he worded that paragraph, grammatically, he refers to your blog post that he linked as an attempt to destroy his ministry/demolish his website. He actually libeled you by making a false claim, even if it was unintentional. He may not actually mean that you've attacked his site, but that is technically what he said due to his choice to refer to your actions as an "attack", the exact same word used to refer to attempts to demolish his website.

I'm not suggesting you do, but if I've learned anything from my law-school housemates, you could sue him for libel and win pretty easily.
Yeah, perhaps so, but I just write it off to his further misinformation and propaganda. All he's really done in his phrasing is make himself look net ignorant and display his penchant for polemics instead of facts. The top article in his link is the one where I show that he outright lied about the Pope and access to him. This from a guy who repeatedly claims he was Catholic? Perhaps he was, but in this case he knew better and he never mentions making any effort to contact the Vatican to even attempt to secure a private audience with His Holiness Benedict XVI, so you can see right through his propaganda.

Anyone can look over the refutation articles on my blog and see that I essentially take his stuff apart by citing authentic Catholic documents and the Word of God and showing the difference between what he says and the truth. It's not personal ...it's factual, which is the way apologetics is best done.

Bishop Sheen used to say that the Catholic faith is like a lion in a cage. You don't need to defend it, just open the cage door. That's what I do...I open the door by offering the facts of what we believe in answer to his polemics, rhetoric, and misinformation. Any reader can see for themselves what the truth is and if that bothers him so much, then perhaps he needs to reconsider his ways and stick to actually "Proclaiming the Gospel" (the name of his ministry) and get off his anti-Catholic efforts.

I am nothing (see Luke 17:10) compared to guys like Tim Staples, Steve Ray, Pope John Paul the Great and His Holiness Benedict XVI and several other members here at CAF so I would just have to cite for him the following scripture.

Jeremiah 12: [5] "If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you,
how will you compete with horses?
And if in a safe land you fall down,
how will you do in the jungle of the Jordan?
Another Catholic Brother joked:
Hey Church Militant,

The below mentioned organization asked me if I would post the following message on their behalf. Being such a nice guy, I naturally agreed...

We Represent


(the "Society To Oppose Nearly Everything!")

Like Mike Gendron, we accuse the Vatican spy known as Code Name: Church Militant of "malicious slander, defamatory words and false accusations."
Therefore, we would greatly appreciate it if Church Militant could sometime actually resort to malicious slander, defamatory words and false accusations
(rather than solely utilizing the truth) in order to allow our accusations to have some merit.
We hope that we can count upon Church Militant's cooperation in this matter so that we (and other anti-Catholic activists)  can have a better chance (in the interest of fair play) of actually refuting his positions rather than having to rely upon ad hominem attacks instead.

In closing, Mr Gendron, I want to thank you again for that plug and I pray that every one of your followers who clicks it is convicted by the Holy Spirit to more carefully and prayerfully assess your anti-Catholic propaganda and ministry.
You have quoted Our Lord Jesus Christ yourself many times when he tells us, "and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." 
The peace of the Lord be with you always,

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