Insight on the Eucharistic Real Presence from Archbishop Fulton Sheen

A young Wife, who had been taking Instructions for a Year, told the Writer she could Believe everything in the Faith, except the Eucharist. Upon inquiring-about her Husband, it was learned that he was in the Pacific, on Military Duty. In answer to further questions, she admitted that she Corresponded-with him every Two (2) Days, and that she had his Photograph before her, in the House.

We argued there was nothing Wanting-for Perfect Happiness. What more could she Want, than the Constant-Memory of him, through the Photograph and a Written-communication, in which Heart poured-out-to Heart. But, she Protested that she could never be Truly Happy, except-through Union (1)-with her Husband.

But, it was retorted, if Human Love craves Oneness (1), shall not Divine Love? If Husband and Wife seek-to-be One (1) in the Flesh, shall not the Christian and Christ crave-for that Oneness (1) with One-another? The Memory of the Christ Who lived Twenty (20) Centuries ago, the recalling-of His Mercy and Miracles through Memory, the correspondence-with Him by-reading the Scriptures -- all these are Satisfying, but they do not Satisfy Love. There must-be, on the Level-of Grace, something Unitive (1) with Divine Love. Every Heart seeks a Happiness outside it, and since Perfect Love is God, then the Heart-of Man and the Heart-of Christ must, in some-way, Fuse (1). In Human Friendship, the other-Person is Loved as another-Self, or the other-Half of One's Soul. Divine Friendship must have its 'Mutual-Indwelling': "He who dwells-in Love, dwells-in God, and God in him" (1John 4:17). This Aspiration-of the Soul for its Ecstasy is fulfilled-in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

These are the Sacraments
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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