How Is A Catholic Saved?

Repentance and baptism (Acts 2:38 & 22:16 and John 3:1-21) and then following Christ, (John 14:15, Matthew 10:38, 16:24, & 25:31-46, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23 and Revelation 3:5) which is a lifelong journey and not the oversimplified "plan of salvation" as presented by some non-Catholic communities.


Anonymous said...

Steve, there's a great priest you should listen to named Fr. Mike Schmitz. He has a podcast (UMD Catholic Newman Center) and a number of talks available through Lighthouse Catholic Media. His talk on Baptism answers this question in depth.

To summarize it, God has bound Himself to the Sacraments, but He is not bound BY the Sacraments. With this understanding, the Church teaches it is possible for a person who does not receive water baptism to be saved. The conditions which the Church recognizes are Baptism by Blood (martyrdom) and Baptism of Desire, which says a person who did not understand the importance of baptism or who was in the process of obtaining water baptism (RCIA catechumens for example) may still be saved by the Grace of God.

However, the Church is clear that while these cases are possible because of the infinite love God has for His chosen people, we only KNOW this grace is available through water baptism.

Gerald Nichols said...

As "Catholics" do you believe God, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be absolutely "fair" in His judgment of mankind? What if Christ judges that you are disobedient in disregarding His Word in favor of following priest and pope? Will He find you in "invincible ignorance" and excuse you, or condemn you because His Word is now before you?
That is the question you should be asking IMO.

Blackie said...

You'd have to shoe me exactly where the Catholic Church is "disobedient in disregarding His Word in favor of following priest and pope?" It appears you are grossly ignorant of authentic Catholic beliefs. I notice that you completely fail to address the clear scriptures that I cites above...yet you seem to be someone who feels that the Bible is authoritative and I have shown you from scripture what the Catholic Church teaches about salvation. I have never in my life encountered either a priest of a Pope who has taught anything else. So then where do you get your information on Catholicism? And how is your interpretation (or your pastors or whoever...) more correct and authoritative than that of the Catholic Church which has been preaching and teaching the same Gospel for 2,000 years.

Have a look at my other article; http://blackieschurchmilitant-apocalypsis.blogspot.com/2007/12/who-really-preaches-different-gospel.html